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Peacock Swastika in pearls Rakhi Peacock Swastika In Pearls ...
$5.16 (Rs 335.00)
$4.70 (Rs 305.00)
$9.24 (Rs 600.00)
$4.30 (Rs 279.00)
Colorful Om Colorful Om
$5.16 (Rs 335.00)
$4.70 (Rs 305.00)
Only For You : Soft Toys Only For You : Soft Toys
$10.55 (Rs 685.00)
$8.93 (Rs 580.00)
Honey Hearted : Soft Toys Honey Hearted : Soft Toys
$21.64 (Rs 1405.00)
$18.25 (Rs 1185.00)
Pally Panda : Soft Toys Pally Panda : Soft Toys
$16.17 (Rs 1050.00)
$13.63 (Rs 885.00)
Elegant Ladies Bag Elegant Ladies Bag
$38.81 (Rs 2520.00)
$35.27 (Rs 2290.00)
Leather Shoulder Bag (Black) Leather Shoulder Bag (Black)
$29.26 (Rs 1900.00)
$26.57 (Rs 1725.00)
Holii Valentine Zip Around Ladies Purse Holii Valentine Zip Around ...
$23.02 (Rs 1495.00)
$20.94 (Rs 1360.00)
Mini Imported Chocolates Mini Imported Chocolates
$10.86 (Rs 705.00)
$9.86 (Rs 640.00)
Raffaello and Toblerone Chocolates Raffaello And Toblerone Cho...
$6.78 (Rs 440.00)
$6.16 (Rs 400.00)
100gm Lindt Classic Recipe Milk Chocolate 100gm Lindt Classic Recipe ...
$15.25 (Rs 990.00)
$13.86 (Rs 900.00)
Choco Bunny Splendor Choco Bunny Splendor
$8.70 (Rs 565.00)
$7.93 (Rs 515.00)
$11.32 (Rs 735.00)
$10.32 (Rs 670.00)
Wrapped Choco Delicacy Wrapped Choco Delicacy
$10.78 (Rs 700.00)
$9.78 (Rs 635.00)
Delicious Duet Delicious Duet
$18.33 (Rs 1190.00)
$16.63 (Rs 1080.00)
Go ‘Nuts’ Over Nuts Basket Go ‘Nuts’ Over Nuts Basket
$10.16 (Rs 660.00)
$9.24 (Rs 600.00)
Charming and Appealing Charming And Appealing
$9.32 (Rs 605.00)
$8.47 (Rs 550.00)
Mug with Floral Coaster Mug With Floral Coaster
$10.24 (Rs 665.00)
$9.86 (Rs 640.00)
Personalized Photo with Names Mugs Set Personalized Photo With Nam...
$20.00 (Rs 1299.00)
$11.17 (Rs 725.00)
Goodie Bag Mug N Hot Chocolate Goodie Bag Mug N Hot Chocolate
$21.37 (Rs 1387.50)
$15.17 (Rs 985.00)
Floating Flower T-Lite with 200  Ice Halwa Floating Flower T-Lite With...
$16.32 (Rs 1060.00)
$14.86 (Rs 965.00)
Mothers Day-Diamond  Metal T-Lite with 200  Natural Sugarfree Mix Mothers Day-Diamond Metal ...
$30.65 (Rs 1990.00)
$27.87 (Rs 1810.00)
Mothers Day-Golden Gungroo T-Lite with 200  Natural Sugarfree Mix Mothers Day-Golden Gungroo ...
$11.78 (Rs 765.00)
$10.70 (Rs 695.00)
Mix Color Gerberas N Assorted Sweets Mix Color Gerberas N Assort...
$22.41 (Rs 1455.00)
$19.48 (Rs 1265.00)
Mothers Day Sweets-Ghasitaram's Special Besan Laddoo (400 ) Mothers Day Sweets-Ghasitar...
$9.09 (Rs 590.00)
$8.24 (Rs 535.00)
Mothers Day Sweets-Ghasitaram's Gulkand Kaju Katli 200 Mothers Day Sweets-Ghasitar...
$7.24 (Rs 470.00)
$6.55 (Rs 425.00)
Passionate Love Passionate Love
$8.01 (Rs 520.00)
$6.93 (Rs 450.00)
Two Dozen Roses Two Dozen Roses
$25.49 (Rs 1655.00)
$23.18 (Rs 1505.00)
Magnifique style Magnifique Style
$36.42 (Rs 2365.00)
$33.11 (Rs 2150.00)

Gifts are the unavoidable part of everyone’s life. A gift can mend any broken relationship; it can clear all the misunderstandings that lie between two people. According to a study couples who exchange gifts between themselves have a tendency of being in a relationship for longer time. “I love buying gifts for my girl, said no man ever”. Why does it scare men to buy gifts. To keep your girl happy you should definitely get her gifts and by gifts we do not mean gifts that would empty your pockets.  You can do things that you are good at or at least try.  If your spouse is the one who cooks every day, for a change cook for once. Ask her to take rest or make her sit on the couch and play her favorite movie while you do the cooking. Trust us this small step can make your lady happy. Occasional gifts when you find it hard to express it with words, such acts can strengthen your bond with her. A gift can do wonders without even the uttering a word.  Suppose you want to win someone’s heart what is the best way to do other than buying them a gift. A gift can make you hard to replace but then you have to work really hard for it.  A gift has the power to bring smile to anyone’s face, how much ever angry they seem are, a small token of love can make them cheerful. 

There are many occasions where we gift each other. We have traditional festivals like Diwali, Durga Puja, Holi, Eid, Janmasthami, and Ganesh Chaturthi or even during personal events like house warming, anniversaries, birthdays, farewells, reunions and even weddings. Talking about wedding gifts, whenever the wedding season comes up the first thought that comes up is about what to wear followed by second on what to gift. Do you people know that the culture giving of wedding gifts originated from the belief of the dowry that was paid to the bride’s family.  The first exchange of dowry was done in 3000 B.C.  This tradition eventually took new forms and today we have the tradition of exchanging gifts during weddings. We exchange gifts during several occasions, let it be cultural events or personal occasions gifts are a part of it. India is a country with many diverse customs and traditions. Here people avoid wrapping gif items in black or white papers as they people that both these colors bring bad luck. Talking religiously if you are invited at any function of Hindu’s you should avoid taking gift items made of leather. Similarly if you are invited to any Muslim functions make sure that you don’t gift them anything made of pigskin or alcohol. Items such as electronic gadgets, perfumes, and mobile and computer accessories are also appreciated. During wedding people usually avoid the colors black and white instead use red or any other bright color as it shows enjoyment and joyfulness.  We also have the culture of giving gifts to our boss, workmates, friends, teachers, girlfriend or boyfriend, spouse and many others. We often do not buy them some expensive gift, but we do surprise them with sweet gestures like we might take them for dinner at any fancy restaurant or we would arrange a small surprise for them too. 

Today exchanging gifts for any occasion is not easy. With the developments in information technology and the increasing number of opportunities before us, people are looking for more and because of that they are seeking work at different countries or are even moving out for educational purpose. So how do you send gifts to them. Distance was always an interruption in such cases. But thanks to internet, because of which we fell like the distance has been shortened. Gradually when internet started to take things into its hand, our lives have become much easier and many that are hectic are now easy. Shopping is one of them, currently with so many websites buying and even selling any product is very easy.  Buying gifts can a tiresome job at times; the internet even has solution to it.  Sending gifts online is easy like never before.  

Our website ‘awesomeji’ has gifts for you that you can send during any occasion. Be it Diwali, Pongal, Onam, Holi, Eid, Lohri, Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga Puja, Mahavami, Navaratri or even during occasions like farewells, retirement, reunions, anniversaries or vents like baby showering, wedding, engagements, housewarming etc.  You can select from a sea of gifts including red velvet cakes, black forest cakes, cupcakes, fruit cakes, eggless cakes, brownies chocolate cakes and lot more. We even have gift items like clothing apparels for both men and women, holiday packages, gift baskets, food and beverages, electronic gadgets and many other things. Why to send gifts with us when there are many other websites or gateways which provide the same, so why we. Budget matters and so you always have to buy gifts that suit your pocket. Well that is where we come in we are easy on pockets. All our gift products are very cheap and all that you have to do is send gifts online to anywhere in India and Bhubaneshwar. We also have a lifetime offer which is we have no shipment and delivery charges. All our deliveries throughout India is free and even in countries like Australia, Canada, UK, USA, UAE, France, Singapore and many other countries are free too. You now know that we have shortened the distance and so sending gifts to any part of the world shouldn’t be an issue.  We also cater our services to nearby cities including Pipil, Jatni, Khudra, Nimparha, Cuttack, Jagatsinghapur, Banki, Athgarh, Puri, Dehenkanal, Kendrapara, Kantilo, Bhuban, Bulgaon and Nayagarh and it is free again.